10 Best Social Media Platforms in 2023

Social media marketing is an extremely dynamic industry. Every year new platforms emerge while existing ones evolve or fade out. As a marketer, staying on top of the latest trends and understanding where your audiences are spending their time is crucial to cutting through the noise.

With hundreds of social apps now available, determining which ones you should actually focus on can feel overwhelming. While mastery of every platform isn’t realistic or necessary, having a presence on the most popular and relevant ones for your brand is key.

In 2023, a few social networks stand out from the pack regarding active users and the potential for engagement, discovery, and conversions. Even the historically dominant platforms like Facebook face new competition from relative upstarts like TikTok. So where should you be allocating your social media efforts next year?

In this post, we dive into the 10 most effective and important social media platforms heading into 2023. We’ll overview the essentials around audience, content formats, advertising capabilities, and unique strengths of each network. Whether you need to benchmark your current social strategy or decide where to invest your dollars and time for next year, understanding these top platforms is essential. Let’s dive in and break down the crème de la crème for social media in the upcoming year.

Best Social Media Platforms


Facebook continues to be a dominant force with over 2.9 billion monthly active users. The vast reach and precise audience targeting makes Facebook unrivaled for promotions. Brands should leverage capabilities like detailed targeting segments, dynamic creative optimization in ads, and measurement of cross-channel conversions. Leverage video and carousel posts for engagement.


As a visual discovery platform, Instagram now exceeds 1 billion monthly users. The focus on Stories, Reels short-form video, and in-stream shopping means eye-catching visuals are a must. Success requires understanding your niche communities and participating consistently through posts or Instagram Live streaming. Promoted posts help amplify organic content.


With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok’s explosive growth now positions it as a top player thanks to its addictive short videos and powerful algorithm. Brands need compelling and fun short-form video while using strategic hashtags. Advertising includes in-feed native videos, branded lenses/filters, and branded hashtag challenges to engage audiences.


LinkedIn has become indispensable for B2B with 675+ million members. Companies establish thought leadership through published long-form posts, articles, and videos. Analytics like content engagement helps identify potential leads and customers. Sponsored content and targeted emails/messages enable direct engagement.

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Twitter drives public real-time conversations with 237 million daily active monetizable users. The advantage is connecting directly with audiences through shareable and consumable bits of content. Leverage real-time trends through commentary, live tweets or chats, polls questions. Promoted tweets help amplify branded content.


The world’s second largest search engine with over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube has unmatched reach for video. Brands can publish compelling long-form videos including vlogs, tutorials, or series. Optimizing titles/descriptions, leveraging cards/end screens, and promoting videos unlocks more views. The focus includes building subscribers and high watch time for ad revenue sharing.


With over 500 million monthly users, Snapchat engages the younger demographic. Approaches include lenses/filters and engaging, casual story content complemented by video/image ads. Geofilters, sponsored lenses, and Story Ads enable targeting by interest, behaviors, etc. Augmented reality capabilities stand out for interactive experiences.


Visual social network Pinterest reaches over 400 million monthly active users. By sharing Idea Pins, Pinners seek inspiration and plan purchases. Strategic board creation attracts followers. Promoted pins boost engagement based on Audiences like recipe lovers or fashionistas with purchasing intent. Analytics identify trend opportunities and consumed content.


Over 20 million monthly users leverage Nextdoor for hyperlocal recommendations and discussions in over 275k neighborhoods globally. By sharing recommendations, events, or relevant updates in a neighborhood feed, brands build trust and connections. Targeted advertising boosts reach in the local community.


A pioneer in social audio, Clubhouse hosts public conversations at scale around current events, topics like parenting, or optional social rooms. Dropping into moderated discussions offers opportunities to connect with audiences. While still gaining traction, the model provides a unique interactive format beyond just text.

Those are the 10 best social media platforms in the world in 2023.


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